Kate Winslet wins Best Actress Bafta for The Reader

Kate Winslet won the Bafta for Best Actress for her performance in The Reader and has now been tipped to pick up her first Oscar later this month.

Former 80s heartthrob Mickey Rourke scooped the Best Actor gong for The Wrestler and celebrated with an X Rated acceptance speech: "Thank you to [director] Darren Aronofsky for giving me another chance after I f***ed up my career for the past 15 years. And thank you to my agent for telling me exactly what to eat, what to wear and what to f***."

Presenter Jonathon Ross responded to Rourke's outburst with one of his trademark quips: "A great speech from Mickey Rourke - who is now suspended for three months." Other winners included the Best Director award for Danny Boyle whose latest film Slumdog Millionaire was also voted Best Film.

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