Kate Winslet weds Ned Rocknroll. No, really

Will Kate Winslet be using her married name after her recent nuptials? It seems unlikely given that her new husband, her third, rejoices in the name of Ned Rocknroll. The couple married in a private ceremony in New York.

Rocknroll, or shall we call him Ned for the sake of salvaging some shred of dignity, was formerly plain old Abel Smith and is the nephew of Sir Richard Branson. Ned works for Virgin, happily not in the buffet car on the notoriously tardy London to Manchester route but as head of marketing for Virgin Galactic, selling tickets into space to bored billionaires. Until last year he was married to society heiress Eliza Pearson, who is much younger than Winslet but much less famous.

The couple met at uncle Richard’s private Necker Island in the Caribbean. Winslet has an open invitation to stay whenever she likes after her heroics when Branson’s house burned down. Winslet led the tycoon’s mother to safety.

Winslet’s people issued a terse statement: "I can confirm that Kate Winslet married Ned Rocknroll in New York earlier this month in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family." The lack of detail suggests either a genuine desire for privacy or an exclusive deal with a celeb magazine. "They are both so happy and very much in love," a source told The Sun. "Kate is very private and didn't want anyone to know."

There were just six guests on each side, and sadly no reliable report has emerged about how many of them sniggered at the words "Do you, Ned Rocknroll. . ." Winslet was given away by Leonardo Di Caprio, who seems to have forgiven her for letting him drift off into the icy Atlantic in Titanic. As far as we know, Celine Dion was not invited to sing at the reception.

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