Kate Winslet tells of teenage payphone horror

Ah, them were the days eh? Pre mobile phones. Pre itemised billing. Gassing for hours on the folk's landline then denying it and leaving them to foot the bill. Well seems things weren't so sweet in Kate Winslet's house.

The Oscar nominated actress has told how her dad Roger installed a pay phone into the house when she was a teenager to discourage Kate and her sisters from getting it on with boys.

“My father was so worried about our phone he kept cutting it off and installed a payphone in our home. Or he would pick up the extension and sigh and tut down the line when I was talking to boyfriends. The payphone’s not there anymore. But I do remember the days of it beeping and me shouting, ‘Hang on, hang on, get a coin. Don’t hang up, don’t break up with me on the phone, I just need a coin’.”

Wonder if Rodge does the same these days when Leonardo Di Caprio calls.....

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