Kate spits her dummy

If you thought that last night's televisual drama revolved squarely around the Mercury Music Award, then you'd be wrong, very wrong. Kate Moss had a supermodel sized tantrum at the GQ Awards because someone had pinched her lippy. Alright, that wasn't the reason but it wasn't far off.....

According to The Sun the supermodel lost it after Cold Feet's James Nesbitt cracked a joke which Moss took maaaaajah offence at. Noone knows the nature of the joke yet, but could it have involved a comparison between La Moss and a certain Eastender? Ouch.

In fact Moss stomped out of the ceremony doing a corking Kathy Beale impression. 'How dare he. How fucking dare he..." she spat to backstage aides, while pal Lily Allen tittered discreetly in the background.

If you haven't seen the video yet, then check out the link below - it's very funny indeed and is enough to make you glad you don't work in The Biz. Kate should really learn to take a joke.

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