Kate picks up a pen, thinks about writing

If you were one of the few people to have ploughed your way through Naomi Campbell's supermodel novel 'Swan', then you'll be glad to hear that another model is turning to the mystical powers of the pen: Kate Moss. According to The Sun, the nation's most dedicated caner has decided that once she's put out to pasture, the next logical next step will be a career as a novelist.

Like most models turned writers, Moss will be employing a ghost writer to take care of the hard bit of getting the words down on paper. Louise Wener, ex Sleeper frontwoman turned successful novelist has agreed to do just that.

A Sun source said: "Kate has been considering how she will occupy her time when the modelling work finally dries up. Writing a novel is something she has considered before. With the help of a ghost writer like Louise (Wener), she is convinced she could come up with a commercially successful product that could become a great money-spinner. She knows the modelling world inside out and all the scandal behind the scenes.”

Apart from being a rockstar, the majority of things Kate tries her hand at turn to gold so if it ever gets written expect this to fly straight to the top of the book charts. Doesn't she just fancy retiring and enjoying all those pots of cash though?

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