Kate moves on

Noone understands the rules of the dating game better than Kate Moss. Out with the old, in with the new is the mantra by which this fashion herione lives. Fresh from a gritty breakup with Pete Doherty and what does she do. Praise the lord? Nooope. Press 'go' on the revolving door and usher another rock clone in for a bit of rebound action thats what. Step into the spotlight please Mr James Hince - the latest lover to rock up on La Moss's rather enchanting shores.

What's he all about then? Well style wise, he plays a predictable hand. Drainpipe jeans. Military jackets with too short sleeves. Trilby hats. Arab style scarves flung artfully over one shoulder. Shabby chic but crucially, not on a budget. Oh and he's the guitarist of profoundly cool tho' not commercial indie band The Kills. Ring a ling ling any bells?

So be gone with you Doherty! And take your messy hair and pallid skin with you. New and improved clone Jamie Hince is the King of this castle now. Modifications include ; willingness to go for regular sunbeds, and demonstrable committment to heavily styled messy hair. Sorry Pete.

Never the weather. Doherty's stepping out with  Irina Lazareanu, one time friend of Kate's anyway. In the meantime Moss has been spotted at Claridges leafing through wedding mags. Which obviously means her and Jamie are about to get hitched.

Keeping up? No. Us neither!

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