Kate Moss's worst week since Coke-gate

It take a lot to feel pity for one of the world's richest supermodels, but this has just about done the trick. Kate Moss has had a monumentally crap week; a burglary last week where a Banksy worth almost £100,000 was taken, and now flooding - the Daily Mail reported (with some evident pleasure) that, 'her kitchen, lounge and outside decking area have been ruined by up to 18 inches of putrid water.'

'Kate is absolutely gutted. Not only is her house a complete disaster zone with mud, gunge and sewage everywhere, she recently had some walls in Farrow & Ball paint at great expense.'

But it's not all doom and gloom for Miss Moss - no Travelodge for her - she gets to check into The Dorchester while the repairs are carried out. Grrr, we knew we'd feel envious in the end...

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