Kate Moss' Wac-a-night

Remember ‘80s kids show host Timmy Mallett? We certainly do: one of our formative TV experiences as a kid was watching him clump kids over the head with a mallet-shaped cushion, and staring on in wonder at his collection of ‘wacky’ glasses. We even saw him travel to Berlin for the fall of the Berlin wall, and start hitting the crumbling edifice with said mallet. What a dude, eh?

As you can imagine we thought he had disappeared off the face of the earth, but turns out he’s ligging it up with all sorts of hot celebs; including Kate Moss, of all people. According to The Sun (and we checked that it wasn’t April Fool’s Day) Mallet was out on the razz in a members bar in central London with Moss, Jamie Hince and Chris Evans, hammering out Beatles hits. He even got the place rocking to the sounds of his creepy number one hit ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’. Yes, really.

‘It all started with Chris and Brian singing Beatles hits,’ said some source to the tabloid. ‘Brian used to be the keyboard player in D:Ream so he knows his way around the ivories.

‘Timmy can't resist the limelight and soon joined in. Then Jamie and Kate arrived and it became a good old-fashioned singalong. Jamie was on piano by the end bashing out tunes. Then Timmy took centre stage with the bikini song – full dance routine included.’

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