Kate Moss to fight Sienna Miller?

When so and so had a drug meltdown, they went and stayed with Elton and David. When so and so broke up with so and so, they went and stayed with Elton and David. When so and so got caught being gay, they went and stayed with Elton and David.

Well, flying in the face of all celebrity breakdown decorum, Rhys Ifans has turned up on Kate Moss's doorstep after being dumped by Sienna Miller. Kate immediately took the broken creature in, and is now baying for Miller's blood after seeing the fragile state Rhys has been left in.

"Rhys is in a really bad way and Kate’s really angry with Sienna, even though she knew she would never stay with Rhys. Rhys is probably Kate’s best male friend. In fact, she’s as close to him as a sister and she’s very protective of him because she knows his vulnerabilities" said a source.

Very touching...but is there not a hint of the green eyed monster at play here too? Rhys Ifans and Kate Moss did everything together before Sienna came along and tipped the Primrose Hill status quo. Although Kate learned to accept that seeing Rhys meant seeing Sienna at the same time too, being forced to endure many a photo op next to her style nemesis must have been a tough pill to swallow - especially when at times Sienna's fashion nouse superceded even her own. Do we have a celebrity deathmatch on our hands?

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