Kate Moss MKII

For almost 20 years she’s been one of the most well respected and highly paid style icons ever, and now Kate Moss has revealed the secret behind her success: her 7 year old daughter Lila Grace gives her all the advice she needs.

Talking to Company magazine, the world’s most famous clotheshorse said, ’Lila's already got a great handbag collection! She's got a mirrored Fendi bag and she'll say things like, 'I'm not going to wear that anymore'.

‘She knows what she likes and I can't force her to wear anything she doesn't want to, which is annoying sometimes. She loves clothes. She's got really good style, as well.

She added: ‘I rarely go shopping without her now. She tells me what she doesn't like or she'll say 'Mummy, you look nice', or 'That dress is amazing!' She's got it.’

Does she also give you boyfriend advice?

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