Kate Moss: Men are absolute b******s

Kate Moss has given a succinct assessment of her attitudes towards members of the opposite sex in an interview with US magazine Interview: 'Absolute b******s. Men are not to be trusted.' In a rare interview the Croyden-born Supermodel also talks about her prowess in the sack and her attitudes towards plastic surgery.

Speaking candidly, Moss says that she is a much better lay now in her thirties than she was in her youth as she has more experience (Poor old Johnny Depp). The Supermodel also says that she hates fake breasts but would consider going under the knife if her mammaries 'got all saggy, like the sacks some women have after children'. Deep stuff.

While Moss seems like a likeable enough soul, her interview appears to be nothing more than an excuse for the photographers at Interview to dress the 34-year-old Supermodel up as Debbie Harry and then show her melons off to the world for the umpteenth time.

Photo from 36-degreez's Photostream

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