Kate Moss - looks hot for International Womens Day

Like a good supermodel, Kate Moss is lending her name to a worthy cause. This time, however, it’s not just her name that she’s using to attract a little bit of attention. Kate’s using two of her other assets to help raise awareness of women’s rights around the globe.

Sultry topless photos by former Dior designer, Heidi Slimane are to be featured in the French newspaper Libération – celebrating International Women’s Day. But perhaps this shows more than the fact Miss Moss is all for the girls. Looking fantastic in the shoot, maybe it’s to show she certainly hasn’t lost it in the model stakes – teaching a thing or two to model du jour Agyness Deyn

The press is widely tipping Agyness to usurp Kate as the Queen of fashion, recently stealing her crown as best-dressed woman. But Kate, rather than mope about coming second in the best-dressed contest –simply undresses…

This model don’t need no clothes to show us she’s still top! There’s a real difference between a good coat-hanger and an icon…

(Image: from YouTube)

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