Kate Moss & Jamie Hince flee to Ibiza.....to escape fleas

I once had an infestation of fleas in my flat. We had five cats at the time, so however many times we sprayed them they'd keep picking them up. So I spent one long and sweaty summer sitting on the couch with flea collars on both wrists and both ankles. I thought at the time that it was a smart move. But Kate Moss has an even better idea.

See, when you're Kate Moss and you get fleas, you don't adorn yourself with £3.99 collars from the vets. No you, and your boyfriend, just bugger off to Ibiza again and get some poor soul to come round and fumigate your flat.

God knows what would happen if something really bad happened to her home. Y'know, like dry rot or a nest of badgers. Probably decamp for a month to P Diddy's yacht just to get over the shock. Ah... what a life.

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