Kate Moss drafts in new Best Friend

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has announced that she won't be spending the weekend getting papped falling out of Chinawhites with a bunch of Z-list liggers, she'll be motoring off to the Cotswolds to spend the weekend with none other than Kate Moss.

The clotheshorse and the warbler apparently hit it off during the filming of the X Factor, throughout which Moss repeatedly 'waved' to Alexandra from the audience. That simple hand gesture (much like The Queen's famous flick of the wrist) was all it took to cement the celebrity friendship, and as well as organising a weekend away together, the pair are already said to have had conversations about things other than fame and celebrity. At one point they talked about clothes. Burke told The Sun; "I am going to her (Moss') party on Friday. She promised me I could have anything I wanted from her wardrobe. She said I could stay the night then we would go for a pub lunch on Saturday. I can’t wait."

Lucky she couldn't wait or the paps wouldn't have known where to find them.....!

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