Kate Moss begs Jamie Hince for a baby

So Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have taken off to Ibiza for the summer, but it might not be for a spot of all night disco biscuit munching (or whatever it is celebs do out there) they're going to be holed up in their villa, making babies.

Snitches say the reason for the blazing rows in Camp Mince lately is the fact that Kate wants another bub but nearly middle aged Jamie doesn't know if he's 'ready' yet. Not understanding that most men will never be 'ready', Kate has taken the baby rebuffal to heart and given Jamie an ultimatum along the lines of 'father my child...or someone else will.' According to sources, the cunning supermodel is also using 5 year old daughter Lila Grace in the arm twisting, claiming Lila is bored to tears of 'hanging with the olds' and is desperate for a younger sibling of her own.

.....And since Hince's career has magically perked up since La Moss latched onto his arm, he's starting to realise that impregnating his lover might not be such a bad move in terms of career longevity after all. Expect floaty tops, sudden lack of boozey nights out and pathetic 'pregnancy denials' when they get back from Ibiza then.

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