Kate Moss and Jamie Hince : great Wapping reception

Noone ever expected the Kate Moss / Jamie Hince nuptials to be a sober affair. And that's because they won't be.

If tabloid hacks are snuffling their information correctly, the wedding is planned for September 6th when a couple of close pals, family and all of Primrose Hill will gather in the Cotswolds to witness the Supercaner and Hince tie the knot.

And the mucky business of getting absolutely battered post nuptials somewhere very shabby chic? Hince and Moss have plumped for an ex hydraulic power station in Wapping.

Wapping Food, AKA The Wapping Project - (a huge metallic restaurant serving European inspired grub) has been described as both 'pretentious' and 'snobby' - but with decent fodder, and nothing that'll cause a credit crunch in the process. Perfick.

And just the sort of spot a supermodel / rock star wedding bash could literally go on for weeks. Which we're guessing it will!

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