Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong: go public with their love

It's always a job keeping up with Kate Hudson's love life. Married one minute, pregnant the next, divorced the next, with Owen Wilson the next, back with ex hubby the next, on with Owen Wilson again the next. How Lance Armstrong booked a slot in the frantic schedule is anyone's guess - but he did.

Kate and Lance 'went public' with their love by snogging a lot at the D&G party in Cannes, and dancing cheek to cheek to some comedy Eighties tunes. Strange choice of background music, but Lance and Kate were said to be bopping all night and 'beaming' throughout. All of which, with all the world's media camped outside, was tantamount to posting their own video on YouTube or waving a banner at Google Street View declaring their love.

Just as well Lance got in there first as Kate Hudson's face is 'a little flat' for The Young Turks liking.

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