Karl Lagerfeld’s new muse

Karl Lagerfeld visited London last weekend, doing Chanel’s first ever show in the capital. Which famous Londoner was Karl’s muse for the collection?

Well, it wasn’t everyone’s favourite rock-star-dating supermodel Kate Moss, or the phone-flinging catwalk darling Naomi Campbell. It was none other than train wreck of the moment, the soul-singing drunk, Amy Winehouse. Models sashayed their way down the catwalk sporting beehives and the same big black eyes of the singer. So it looks like heroin-chic is back…

Herr Lagerfeld called Winehouse the ‘new Brigitte Bardot’ going on to say ‘she’s a style icon’. Well, surely the leather-gloved, perma-tanned, frosty-coiffed designer can’t be wrong? Will we be seeing more beehives and women running round in the middle of the night in their bras?

Karl went on to say ‘there is no beauty without strangeness.’ Which must make Amy a real loooker.

(Image: from alex|hates’s flickr stream)

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