Karen saves Jason's bacon

Jason Gardiner incurred the wrath of the Dancing on Ice watching portion of the nation after he bullied former judge, and now head coach, Karen Barber. Jason said to her, live on TV, 'If your opinion still mattered you’d be on the panel.' There were calls for Gardiner to resign, but in an unlikely turn of events, Jason's bacon has been saved. By Karen herself. Ahhh, that's a lovely twist, don't you think?

According to The Mirror, Karen told TV bosses, 'Don’t fire him, I just want to move on.' A friend of the head coach, fumed, 'He isn’t fit to lace Karen’s ice skates...It’s incredible that apart from Karen on the night, no one else has confronted Jason about his behaviour.'

The pal continued, 'She really is a true lady. She is very genteel and nicely spoken and she is always polite and kind. She doesn’t have a bad word for anyone. But when she is riled she has a real temper – and Jason Gardiner pushed her over the edge. He tried to humiliate her on live TV. And he can’t even skate himself.'

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