Kardashian's in scripted wedding 'shock'

Kim Kardashian's wedding seems to have stirred up a bit of controversy, with guests complaining that the nuptuals felt more like a TV show than a sacred moment. Have they not seen 'Keeping up with the Kardashians?' But the biggest bombshell from the day itself comes from an eagle-eyed and eared bystander, who witnessed the show's producers dreaming up plot-lines during the ceremony. According to one, a proposal from Scott Disick to Kourtney Kardashian was entirely created by the team. Ah, there's romance for you.

Wedding guests reported to The Daily Mail that they could hear producers discussing the 'narrative' of the wedding. One said, 'Hey we need to do a thing of Kourtney and Scott, I feel like 'love is in the air' and they talk about 'Ok fine, you know, we'll get married' or something.' After that brilliant bon mot, another TV type replied, 'Bernard, I'm going to shoot this little thing with Kourtney and Scott right now.' After the scene had been shot, the producer joked, 'We'll see you at Kourtney's wedding... and... [inaudible] everyone's laughing.'

Another invitee complained that Kim Kardashian's wedding wasn't quite the rural, intimate affair that they'd expected (no, really?), gossiping, 'Everybody felt awkward, like it was all for the cameras and more like a TV show than a wedding.' Most obvious statement of the day award to that guest please. Kim and her beau are currently living it up for the cameras on their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. However, their hols have been curtailed thanks to Kardashian's incredible busy schedule. Yes, there's a photo-op booked in for LA on Thursday. It's a hard life...

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