Karate Kid Trailer

Fighting isn’t good unless the good guy wins: was that the underlying message in the 1984 cult movie Karate Kid, or have we got it wrong? Either way, thanks to a weirdly suspicious relationship with an old man and a lot of waxing of legs and painting of toe nails, naive whimp Daniel-san managed to overcome a school bully with a well placed crane-kick (AKA a failed attempt to kick someone in the balls) and a lot of fighting spirit. Now that a quarter of a century has passed since the first film, Hollywood has decided to give the meta narrative a reboot.

The forthcoming installment (also called Karate Kid) stars the predictable Jackie Chan as Mr. Han (basically Mr. Miyagi) and Jaden-I-only-got-the-job-because-my-dad-is-Will-Smith-Smith as his young apprentice Dre Parker. The plot surrounds Dre’s struggle to cope in school after moving from Detroit to Beijing.

Before anyone unfairly criticises the remake, it's worth pointing out that directorial duties are in the safe hands of the genius behind The Pink Panther 2, Harald Zwart. Karate Kid crane-kicks its way into UK cinemas on July 16th. Check out the trailer below...

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