Kanye West to say I do before Xmas

Kanye West seems to be pretty self-confident these days. If you’ve seen his recent drunken rant on a US TV show, you’ll know what we mean. From the footage, it seems the man doesn’t need anyone’s help inflating his ego. He’s managing to pump, pump, pump it up just fine on his own.

Yet the self-styled saviour of hip-hop had better listen to his fiancée. She has stated categorically that she is to be married to the ‘number one human being in music’ before Xmas. And we all know, when a woman says she’s going to get married by a certain date, mere mortals cannot stop her. So, unless Kanye really is a deity – as he seems to proclaim – then he’s going up the aisle in the next two months. Like it or lump it, matey.

Is he really that good, do we think?

(Image: from DjSemetex’s Flickr stream)

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