Kanye says sorry on Leno

Kanye West is the original naughty child making a bottom lip wobbling apology in this interview with Jay Leno. While Leno tries to horse around a little, West sends himself straight to purgatory without passing go, barely cracking a smile during his apology for hijacking Taylor Swift's gong the other day.

Aside from the fact that it was quite funny, we're starting to feel a bit sorry for poor old Kanye. He can't help the fact that he was lumbered with a gigantic ego at birth - of course it's going to gallop away with itself from time to time. Plus, lest anyone forget, this is the MTV VMAs we're talking about here, not nuclear war, famine or the end of the world. The coolest President in the world has already called him a jackass (surely punishment enough) and most of the internet thinks he's a bit of a muppet. Time to throw the guy a fricking bone?

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