'Kanye Feels really bad'

Lady Gaga has stepped in to defend Kanye West on a point that no-one actually cares about any more – his storming of the stage at the MTV VMAs to yada yada yada, you know what happened.

Apparently Kanye feels very bad indeed for making a 19-year-old girl cry on stage after winning her first VMA, which is nice of him, and Lady Gaga feels the need to jump into his corner and stand up for the man who’s even taken flack from the President of the USA.

‘He's a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f****** bad,’ she said. ‘He really does. Everyone likes to focus on gossip, but he's changed music and he's really prolific and an incredible person, and I think it's unfair to judge somebody on one mistake they've made. That moment really portrayed him in a way that he really isn't. It was just a random moment.’

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