Justin Timberlake in faceoff with paparazzo

Justin Timberlake had a faceoff with an aggressive paparazzo intent on getting a few snaps of the singer on his arrival at a hotel in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon.

Check out pictures of the ruckus

The trouser snake arrived in the foyer of his LA hotel where he was met by the pushy photographer soon after stepping out of his car. A frustrated Timberlake tried to get by the snapper who reacted by putting down his camera and aggressively faced up to the SexyBack singer.

A Mexican standoff ensued for a couple of seconds with the photographer appearing to try and provoke the 28-year-old former N-Sync warbler. But Timberlake kept his cool and left the furious paparazzo angrily shouting in his wake.

An unnamed onlooker commented on the incident: "No one could hear what this was all about but the photographer was clearly furious about something. But Justin was really cool - he just faced him down and took it all in his stride."

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