Justin Lee Collins “I was a massive 36 inches”

Justin Lee Collins has gone on a gym crazed diet after seeing himself on TV. The Friday Night Project presenter, who is famed for his lion's mane and cuddly body told Now that he was “ in shock” at his appearance;

"I was putting my voice to some TV footage, then I looked at myself and realised I was the fattest I'd ever been. I was in shock. I don't know how much I weighed because I'm not a scales man, but I was massive. I had a 36-inch waist and my trousers were too tight. I was on the cusp of having to buy 38-inch trousers."

He went on to reveal that since that dark day he has changed his wicked ways, cutting out the curries and adding exercise to his health regime.

"I've been gymming like a crazy man. I only have a curry once a fortnight now. And when I do I have tandoori chicken or chicken tikka, which is dry-baked and lower in fat. Instead of beer I have a glass of red wine, which is lower in calories."

Still, not doing anything about the hair?

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