Just 'hood friends

If there’s a man you’d want in your corner in a time of crisis, Snoop Dogg is probably the one: not only is he supafly and generally badass, he’d also be able to provide you with enough substances to relax you for the next month. What a dude.

However, he’s not just a man to turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, oh no. He’ll even go to the press to stand up for you, and pour scorn on the poor image those lousy, lazy hacks have created for you. Why, he’s even said that Charlie Sheen isn’t crazy, which goes to show that he’ll more or less do anything for a friend. Bless him.

‘Charlie Sheen was my friend before the media said what they said about him,’ he said. ‘He called me over for a session, and as a friend I came through for him.

‘I felt like knowing Charlie and knowing his mind state, it was a great move, because he needed real people to stand by him to show he wasn't as crazy as people said he was. I think he needs to be given more appreciation for who he is.’

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