Just call him 'optimistic Ashley'

Ashley Cole is a confident guy, so confident it seems, that he's started wearing his wedding ring out in public - where he knows sneaky papparrazzi will take snaps and then people like us will draw all sorts of ridiculous conclusions. Like: Ashley still thinks he's married to Cheryl, despite the pair getting divorced mere months ago. Or: he thinks he can win back our Geordie Princess, and they'll run away together to a distant land. Deluded. Hmm, or is it...? *strokes chin*

A source told The Sun, 'It's his way of saying to Cheryl that she is his only true love and he thinks they are close to getting back together. Ash is convinced they have a future once again as man and wife. Ashley knows a reunion would not be accepted by most of the public because of the way he treated Cheryl. He says they've discussed moving abroad when he has finished football and she is in a position where she can work anywhere. He is very much in love with her and she is not giving him the cold shoulder. Far from it.'

What do you think celeb relationship fanatics: will they or won't they 'put a ring on it'?

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