Just call her Lady Tactless

Middle England was up in arms (but hopefully not armed) last night, after Lady Gaga performed in Manchester, and gave the audience a gory blood-filled spectacle - a mere day after the killings in Cumbria. The routine included Gaga, dressed in a leather corset, being gored by a mysterious vampire with blood spurting across the stage.

One predictably infuriated mum, fumed to the Daily Mail,'I was absolutely sickened at what I saw. We know Lady Gaga is not exactly mainstream performance for all the family but she really crossed the line this time. The scene may have been part of her show but it could have been toned down give the violent events of Bradford and Cumbria. It was extremely tasteless to see her pretend to be attacked in such a gory way - especially in front of young children.'

If only Mary Whitehouse were alive to witness this...

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