Just buy it

Wanna get your hands on some freaky goodies? Well why not drop by on Michael Jackson's old pad for a spot of bargain hunting? The former King of Pop is having a fire sale and everything must go, go, go!

On offer at Jackson's Neverland ranch are all kinds of impossibly expensive items, including a Darth Vader made of Lego, a fully animatronic mask from the incredibly weird film Moonwalker and various other nick nacks that are apparently worth an awful lot of money; apparently the clothes on sale alone could fetch as much as £12,000,000. Eep.

So when can you get out there and spend your disposable? We're not sure, but a dispute between Jackson's management company and the auction house Julien's last night saw the auction called off. However we'll keep you posted for details of when you can throw your money at a sparkly glove.

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