Jude spits his dummy

Actor slash pretty boy Jude Law seems to have gone mental (again) and is this time accused of punching a female papparazzo after she took a photo of him leaving a London restaurant last night. Sounds awful. Well yes, but it's probably not true.

Slap me pap Harsha Gopal said; “I was the first one to take his picture when he turned up. After I’d taken a few I was starting to move away when I felt his hand come across my face, and then there was a push. He hit me full in the face. It was a real stinger, it was very sore." She also published her very own snaps of the nasty incident.

Check out pictures of the incident.

Law's lawyer, Graham Shear told the story slightly differently. "This is all nonsense. Last night's incident was an accident. Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close. He apologized and left. Pictures of this sort can often be misleading."

Poor Jude. Maybe he heard about Sienna's spat on Aussie radio and wanted to get back into the headlines too. Shielding your eyes from the light isn't the way to go!

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