Jude Law has 'no plans' to see newborn daughter

Jude Law has yet to see his new baby daughter since her birth in the US five weeks ago according to Samantha Burke, the child's mother.

Sophia, who is Law's fourth child, was conceived during the English actor's brief liaison with model and aspiring actress Burke after the pair met in New York at the end of last year.

'There are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but I know he's busy,' the new mum said. Speaking to Hello magazine, Burke revealed that she always knew her relationship with Law was nothing more than a fling.

According to Burke Law has made no concrete plans to see his fourth child despite the fact that he is currently stateside playing Hamlet on Broadway. The actor's first glimpse of baby Sophia will probably be in the feature in Hello.

Notwithstanding the rocky start Burke is optimistic that Law will become more involved in his new daughter's life: 'I am very hopeful it will work out for Sophia's sake. He's a great father to his three kids. She's his daughter and I believe he'll come through.'

'It would be great if we can have a friendship and remain cordial. Hopefully, he'll be a big part of her life and she'll be proud to have him as her father.'

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