Jude Law and Lily Cole - very much in love

Jude Law certainly likes 'em young. First he was snogging Kimberley Stewart all over an Essex flowerbed, now The Primrose Hill schmoozer has happened upon an even tastier delicacy - Lily Cole.

Cole was papped leaving Jude's house on Saturday afternoon, a whole 24 hours after arriving there - leading speculators to deduce the supermodel was in fact doing a delayed walk of shame.

To add flames to the campfire the unlikely pair were also papped having dinner in Covent Garden, and, later taking in a RadioHead concert together (during which on-lookers said it was more than obvious that something fishy was going on.) The way he was gazing at her, the way she was throwing her flaming mane about and guffawing at all his jokes. The stale whiff of celebrity infatuation hung thick in the air.

The Brit model de jour de yesterday (Aggy's it now) and the receding Primrose Hill playboy. Couple combo made in genetic heaven, or dull as dishwater desperados on the publicity make?

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