Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart:kissing in Essex

Is there nowhere a celeb can go for a quiet snog with another celeb these days? Yes. But the 195 Club in Epping Essex is not it.

Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart (Rod's youngest) were papped in an intense celebrity lip lock on Saturday night in the 'VIP wing' of the D list Essex nightspot - leading speculators to believe that they were either very drunk - or tricked into going there by someone who told them it was Cannes

Jude and Kimberly were papped by some fellow clubbers who happened upon the couple going at it in the VIP spot. "We were given wristbands for the VIP lounge expecting to bump into Jodie Marsh and maybe Michael Greco from EastEnders. We couldn’t believe it when we saw Kimberly Stewart snogging the face off Jude Law. They were really going at it and barely came up for air" the clubbers told The Sun.

After some time, and when Jude finally gave Kimbers 2 minutes to reapply lipgloss, chew a mint, sip a drink etc, he confiscated the camera from the happy snappers, deleted all images of himself and Kimberly and got stuck straight back in - at which point Kim chanced her arm at a crotch grab.

But Jude badly underestimated the media savvy of the Essexonians. No sooner had they got their camera back than they tinkled The Sun showbiz desk - who then sent a techy geek to retrieve the memory stick data. Peaches Geldof - memory sticks - danger!!

Annyway, Jude and Kim? Kim and Jude? Dating - or just bored? We say bored. Bored and with only each other and an Essex nightclub for company. What can you do.

Check out Jude doing some dad dancing

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