Jude and Sienna: stepmum gives her blessing

Who needs a retinue of PR goons, when you have a step-mother as ready to sing your praises to the press as Kelly Hoppen? Jude and Sienna are very content, thank you very much, with not a frisky nanny in sight.

Flame haired interior designer, and former love of Nicky Clarke, Hoppen told The Mirror, 'Sienna has never been happier. She is so content and happy with Jude. And she has never looked so beautiful. When you see them together they look just as young as they were the first time around. The whole family is in a good place and doing well.'

Well we can just about accept that they're in love and wildly content, but Jude looking as young as he did first time around? We've seen the evidence love, that man needs a hair piece...

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