Judaism: so hot this season

When you're an A Lister in love, religion is just another thing on the tick list when it comes to showing how serious you are about your current bit of stuff.

Britney Spears is no stranger to this rule: when she was besotted with Madonna she had a brief but intense flirtation with Kaballah, even tattooing God's name on her neck and wearing a red piece of string on her wrist (she later removed both); in 2006 she tried out Hinduism despite tiring of it after just one temple visit; her marriage to K-Fed saw her praying to the God of Maccy Ds drive thrus; and when she had her first son she proudly declared 'my baby is my religion'. Phew. Well forget all that, she's back to Judaism.

The man responsible for La Spears sudden interest in the ancient religion is current boyfriend / manager Jason Trawick. The singer was spotted wearing a star of David round her neck while on holiday in Paris and has been quoted as saying she wants to try the religion that Jason 'was brought up in.' She has also stuck a rabbi on the payroll in order to help her get to grips with her new spirituality.

How long do you think Brits new adventures with Judaism will last? And will Jason be converting to the cult of celebrity in return?

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