JT scouting for girls at Wayne Bridge bash

The Pandora's box of John Terry tales has opened and there's no way to get the lid back on - not that we're complaining in the slightest. The Mirror brings us another story of caddery and foolish antics, which took place at none other than Wayne Bridge's leaving bash. JT got drunk and attempted to crack on to a girl - but the lady in question is said to have family ties to Abramovich. Oops.

A bystander recounts: 'John was drunk and pushy. As soon as the women left it was party time. Nicole looked ravishing. He moved to her table and leant close to talk. He looked like a lost puppy, gazing in her eyes. It was obvious what he wanted, It was very touchy-feely. They were all over each other. Nicole’s fella warned JT to back off. Then it escalated. Glasses were smashed. There was pushing. The couple then began rowing and he was asked to leave. Terry left soon after.'

The story is made even more entertaining by the rebuttal from John Terry's spokesperson, who has a great turn of phrase and is clearly wasted in his current role: 'This did not happen. He told me he has been off the sauce for 18 months, and wasn’t even at Bridge’s do.' A part in Eastenders surely beckons...

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