Joss Stone tries to get a leg over Mark Ronson

Well well. Joss Stone tried to have a go on Mark Ronson but he knocked her back. In a recent interview in Holland Ronson told how he was once propositioned by a 'very boring, very famous, white, bland and very boring English soul chick, whom shall remain unnamed." Clearly that person was Joss Stone, and clearly Ronson wasn't being very courteous by giving so many clues.

Gentlemanly Mark did let folks know that this kind of thing happens all the time though. "I've had enough offers, but I'm very picky - I'm not the sort of producer that sh*gs every artist he works with." But Stone's not that bad, in fact she's quite a looker? Yep - but according to Ronson she's also quite annoying. She has a "really annoying attitude" he told NME last year after Joss Stone left a thankyou list as long as a chimp's arm on her last album.

"Those Joss Stone sleevenotes, man...I've been around white singers who've been told they're soulful since a young age and they feel they have carte blanche to be 'I'm a down groovy soul chick' - this really annoying attitude that permeates everything. Part of me thinks, 'Well, she's 19, I did so many stupid things when I was 19,' but she's being rammed down my throat, so I'm allowed to have an opinion." Rammed down his throat..figurativley, and now literally. Tough gig Mark!

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