Joss Stone snaps a film role

Don’t you just love Joss Stone’s Flake advert? No, us neither – the only thing it said to us is be careful you don’t drop it down your top – oh, and to never buy a Flake again. Aaaanyway – for anyone out there who did like seeing Joss trying her hand at a bit of acting (hands up: no one?)  – she’s landed a major role in a film. Wooptidoo!

Yes, Miss Stone will be starring in the British movie entitled Snappers. And, not happy just being a thespian, she’s also set to go lesbian. Joss is really chuffed about the whole thing and says: “There are things that are going to really push the boundaries and that excites me.” So pushing the boundaries, she’ll not only be playing a lesbian – but a singing entertainer. A reeal stretch there Joss. Then again as it’s a Brit film, she’ll also have to master the old accent…

And for all of you that find the songstress particularly sexy (what no one again!?) – she has promised a “long, lingering French kiss”. Which is funny – that’s exactly how we described her last album – just without out the whole “French kiss” bit…

(Image: from YouTube)

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