Joss Stone headbutts brother at baptism

So Joss Stone can hold her own in a streetfight if needs be. According to The Mirror, the manufactured soul singer lowered her head and rammed her own brother during his baby's christening recently.

Apparently Joss turned up late to the baptism of half brother Daniel Skillen's baby son, then, either forgot what she was supposed to be reading, or couldn't be bothered to get what she was reading in the right order and ended up making a big bag of balls out of the whole thing. Grannies in the church audience (Stone's own relatives) were cursing her but Stone refused to apologise to what she described as 'the bunch of old biddies'.

But it was when the baptism party got back to Daniel's house, that the scrap really started. Daniel laid into Joss about turning up late, doing the reading really craply etc etc, Joss refused to apologise, one thing led to another (as it so often does) and she ended up headbutting him. According to The Mirror, onlookers were horrified (but watched anyway) and Joss eventually left in tears. Nice to know even celebrity families have filthy brawls!

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