Josie does a runner

Josie last night escaped from the 'Ultimate' Big Brother house after John McCririck (that's right, they've brought back the creme of BB society) bullied her about John James's true intentions. The side-burned sexist has previous form, making Chantelle cry the night before after joking about her failed marriage to Ordinary Boy Preston.

Josie told George Lamb on Big Brother's Little Brother, 'My heads been everywhere but yeah, I’ve seen him and he said that he loved me and all that.' The BB winner admitted that being in the house with cameras capturing your every banal thought was claustrophobic, saying, 'Well you’re trapped. I didn’t know what was going on or being said and all the paranoia starts setting in then doesn’t it. I've never ever actually felt like that before, I felt claustrophobic. I was missing all my old housemates, I felt paranoid... I just had to get out of there.'

'I was laying in bed last night and I was looking at the walls and they were coming closer and closer to my face and at one point the wall was touching my nose... so at that point I realised that I was going a bit potty and I had to go.'

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