Josie Cunningham desperate for Celebrity Big Brother 2014 appearance but David Mcintosh says he's too famous

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Josie Cunningham has reiterated her intention to appear on Celebrity Big Brother this year but the show's producers are said to be highly uncertain over whether to include her in the Big Brother house. David McIntosh, though, has ruled himself out of making any appearance on the show.

Cunningham recently shocked the public with her claims that she is pregnant after having a fling with a famous footballer. She has since threatened to have an abortion in order to improve her chances of appearing on the Channel 5 show. Understandably though, this is not likely to make her flavour of the month.

It is becoming extremely unlikely that producers will include her due to public feeling. Thousands of people have added their names to a petition to prevent her from appearing on the show. Even her manager Rob Cooper has his doubts tweeting "I must be one of the only managers in the UK/World who is hoping one of their clients doesn't get selected for a TV show!".

David McIntosh is in the opposite position though as he is being hotly pursued by producers and he has been busy spinning stories about how he is too big to appear on the show. McIntosh is said to be not one bit interested in an appearance as he thinks that he is far too famous for Big Brother.

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McIntosh is said to be in demand by a clutch of shows but he is planning to make a name for himself in the States in fitness TV circles. If producers manage to convince him to appear then people will finally get an insight into the character that captured the heart of Kelly Brook.

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