Josie Cunningham and Katie Hopkins in Twitter challenge to decide who is more hated

  • @CloserOnline - Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, Josie Cunningham is certainly not shy of a bit of limelight and has been involved in slagging matches with Katie Hopkins previously. But with her latest stunt, it seems she is determined to prove once and for all who the British public hates more, her or Katie.

She laid down a challenge to the twitterverse to choose between her or Katie Hopkins as the most hated woman in Britain. Early this morning she tweeted "I am NOT the most hated woman in Britain! Hopkins is! Fav if you think Katie Hopkins is, Retweet if you think I am. Let's put this to rest!"

Currently, the results are not flattering poor Josie after she received 555 retweets deeming her the most hated woman while there have only been 74 favourites deeming Hopkins more hated. Sadly for Josie, this looks to have settled it and she is in fact Britain's most hated woman.

Hopkins has a short tolerance for Cunningham and has labelled her the "taxpayer's Frankenstein" in the past due to her blatant disregard for getting the NHS to fund her boob job. She also famously continued smoking throughout her pregnancy and claimed that she would stop smoking if the NHS would pay for her to quit.

Cunningham was also in the news this week after seemingly sending a tweet insensitively during a two minute silence to mark Armistice Day. She tweeted "I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out!!!!! **waves hands in the air like a mad man**" at 11.02 but claims that it was sent after the respectful silence period had ended.

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