Josh Hartnett : steamy library romp caught on camera

What do you do if you're an A lister with a fancy bit of fluff on your arm, a million starred hotel at your disposal and the raging horn? You march your fancy bit of fluff to the hotel library, push her up against the dusty book laden wall and do a James McAvoy / Keira Knightley a la Atonement that's what.

Josh Hartnett and a mystery girl were filmed on CCTV very nearly full on porking during a late night romp in a Soho Hotel library recently. "Josh and the girl were getting pretty hot and heavy. After stumbling in quite late, they legged it to the library and immediately closed all the curtains so that no one could see in. "Unfortunately the hotel has security cameras all over the place - the library included. This means their every spit and cough was recorded, and cringing hotel workers saw all of Josh's X-rated moves." (The Mirror)

Josh was given a dressing down by horrified hotel staff (who are probably a hairsbreadth away from popping the footage on the internet) and has vowed to keep his meat and two veg to himself next time. Or at least in his room.

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