Jordan's U-turn

Leaked/deliberate/fantasy (delete where applicable) story to the press today: KP wants Pete back. Yes she's said it before, but this time it's true - it's in the Current Bun for gawd's sake. A source claims that Jordan made an 'emotional call' to Pete begging him to take her back. She admitted being a 'bitch' and said her affair with that cross-dressing-mummy's-boy-cage-fighter was a big mistake. She woke up in the jungle longing for Pete.

In an uncharacteristic show of muscle/PR verve, Pete said there was 'no chance'. However, he's happy to be civil for the sake of the kids. Did they mention they have kids? Keep up. Each one is a strategic facet of this tabloid bloodbath. Pete stayed home to look after them while Jordan lived in a jungle: Kabul, taken.

Some questions:
Is the take-me-back chatter true? Not likely.
Did Jordan call The Sun herself to make the story up but couldn't get through because Pete was already on the line? Likely.
Is a reunion on the cards when they both run out of plotlines? Very likely.
What's more exciting, this or a Brazilian soap opera?

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