Jordan's Twitter offensive

Basket case Jordan has let rip at all those ‘haters’ out there who can’t help but be all jealous when confronted with a successful fe-male just straight flossing and brushing her shoulders off, and has even urged them to attack her on her Twitter feed. It probably makes her stronger.

The former glamour model posted a series of ever so slightly paranoid messages on the social networking site, including ones ordering people not to attack her horses, family, children, or even ex-husband Peter Andre. The screeds (quite apart from their appalling spelling and grammar) had a whiff of the passive-aggressive about them, and show that Jordan rarely assesses her own behaviour or contemplates why people might find her a bit objectionable.

‘You’re right,’ she tweeted (spelling and grammar has been corrected, by the way). ‘I’m always wrong, I’m hated, I never do anything right. I’m sorry for that!! xx’. There’s more. ‘Come on all you people who slag me off and hate me get it off your chest.’

It’s almost as if she enjoys the attention....

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