Jordan's in the doghouse

Jordan might have slithered away from Peter Andre's cuddly grip, but life with another man is proving just as tricky to navigate. The glamour model's current squeeze Alex Reid is apparently furious over saucy texts Jordan sent to a Brazilian banker she had a fling with in Ibiza. Jordan, who slept with Andre Pinto three times in their short lived affair, let the banker know the goods that were on offer via a string of eye watering messages which The Sun deemed too explicit to print. She also asked Pinto to text a picture of his crown jewels over to her - though that plan was scuppered because Pinto was in a public park at the time.

A sun source said: "Alex was shocked by the explicit texts. He wasn't happy and let Katie know. She had a lot of explaining to do." His agent added: "The contents of the texts were flagged up to Alex. He has no comment."

Surprisingly enough Pinto told The Sun all about his secret sex with Jordan and it turns out that the glamour girl was a bit of a bore. Her infamous boobs were off the menu because they 'lacked sensitivity', and she only did the wild thing with the lights out. Pinto also admitted to being 'scared of getting beaten up by Alex Reid.' Oh dear.

Perhaps Peter Andre wasn't so bad afterall?

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