Jordan's Ibizan hangover

Glamour girl Jordan will be chowing down the aspirins (or supping hair of the dog) today after pics in the tabloids which show her on what looks like the messiest bender in the whole of San Antonio - (if you've ever been to the notorious Ibiza area, you'll know that's saying a lot.) Jordan is out in Ibiza to start filming on her 'divorce' reality show and to shoot a calendar. However, seems a certain 24 bender got a wee bit in the way.

So what did she get up to? Well, she got her pants out on a podium while doing one of those sexy dances which everyone is guilty of doing after a skinful. She had a screaming match with her ex fiance, Matt Peacock (and ex hubby of Jodie Marsh). In the middle of that she snogged a model friend and begged him to come home and make the beast with 2 backs with her. She also screamed 'I'm over Pete I'll snog who I want' before informing a fan who had asked for her autograph 'you're really ugly' and allegedly threatening to stab someone. An average night on the lash for some but unfortunately for Jordan it's all ended up in the tabloids.

Peter on the other hand is having a low key holiday in Cyprus with the kids, having been warned that being papped out boozing or womanizing would ruin his chances of custody. If it's gloves off for a custody battle after this, the ball might well be in Pete's court.....

Check out the pics.

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