Jordan's got the horn

Just in case you thought that once Jordan was back on the market she'd take a few months to recoup from the trauma of her divorce by staying away from men for a bit and shunning the limelight, think again. She's back on the prowl and this time she wants a footballer; Frank Lampard to be exact. The horny glamour model is pursuing the striker via the media, and has let it slip in an interview with Glamour magazine that, she'd 'do Lamps'. Subtlety Jords!

Jordan confessed in a 2006 autobiography that she and Lamps had shared a 'sizzling romp' together. However fans who bought that book will be upset to know that it probably wasn't such a sizzler afterall as it seems Jordan didn't actually finish what she'd started. Talking about which footballers she'd like to bed, the model said: "There's actually quite a few little footies I'd do. I'd probably go back to Frank Lampard, finish what I started." '

Frank is back on the market after his highly publicised split with Elen Rives. But he wouldn't, would he? Well yes, according to Katie's assessment of herself. "I've got so much to offer somebody. I can't wait to find that frog, kiss it and turn into a prince."

Ribbit ribbit.....

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