'Jordan will end up like Jackie Stallone'

Another day, another attention-seeking 'opinion piece' from Ms Katona. Knowing full well that her ongoing feud with Jordan flogs magazines, she's pulled out all the stops - comparing the big bosomed belle to Jackie Stallone. Where we come from, that's fighting talk...

Kerry prattled away to OK! magazine,'She could have [body dysmorphia], but I do sympathise with Katie and I’ve got a lot in common with her because when Brian McFadden left me I had my boobs done and started glamming up a lot more. The strange thing about Katie is that the public can’t get over the fact that she’s not with Peter Andre any more. When someone leaves you, even if you’re with someone new, your self-esteem is low. Mine went even lower when I was with Mark.'

'I went to get meso skin-tightening treatment on my stomach, I got some Botox on my forehead at the same time, then I had fillers in my cheeks and stuff in my upper lip to make my lips look thicker but I woke up the next day and looked like Joan Rivers gone wrong!'

Good old Kerry - nice to see her sense of humour's intact...

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